California small businesses! Get recognized for your green business accomplishments!

Applications accepted now through December 4, 2017!

Small Business Award Application

Fill out the form below and hit the "Submit Application" button by midnight PST on Monday, December 4, 2017, to be eligible for a CoolCalifornia Small Business Award. Please take some time to review the questions prior to filling out the form. Once you hit the “Submit Application” button your answers cannot be changed. Your typed answers will not be saved if you click away from this page. As an option, you can download the PDF application form, save it to your computer, and submit the file once it is complete. Applications will be scored on a 50 point scale. Point totals are indicated in each section of the application. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. We want you to apply!

General Information
List any 'green business' programs you belong to (e.g. Bay Area Green Business Program, San Diego Green Business Program...)
Check all that apply.
Provide a general description of your business. What are the products and services provided by your business?
2. Climate Friendly Business Practices
What actions have you taken during the last calendar year to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your business operations (not including the green business products you sell or environmental services you provide to your customers)? For example, you may be using alternative energy or generating your own renewable energy (e.g., solar panels) or purchased recycled-content products, Energy Star equipment, or less toxic cleaners or solvents. Other actions may include efforts in the following areas:
  • Waste reduction, recycling and/or composting;
  • Water conservation;
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy;
  • Green building (new construction or renovation);
  • Advanced/alternative transportation; and/or
  • Clean, innovative technology.
(20 points possible)
3. Cost Savings and Benefits
Describe the cost savings ($/month or $/year), return on investment, or other benefits of the actions you took (as described in question 2 above) on your business. Examples include cost of alternative energy installation and monthly reduction of utility bills; cost of energy efficient equipment/appliances/lighting and reduced energy cost; costs associated with employee commute reduction efforts, recycling, water conservation, increased insulation and the resultant savings/benefits. (10 points possible)
4. Use of
Describe how you used the tools and resources on the website to reduce your business' environmental impact. What actions from the CoolCalifornia Carbon Footprint Calculator for Small Businesses ( did your business pledge to take to reduce GHGs? Please save (as a PDF) or print (and scan) the summary page showing any pledges you took. Upload the PDF file using the option below. (5 points possible)
File upload for CoolCalifornia Carbon Calculator Pledges
Preferred upload is a single PDF file, no larger than 5 MB. Alternatively, you can email it to
More information
  • Files must be less than 5 MB.
  • Allowed file types: pdf jpg png.
5. Environmental Sustainability Policies and Procedures
Describe any formal/written environmental sustainability policies, standard operating procedures, or sustainability recognition programs you have incorporated into your day-to-day business operations. (5 points possible)
6. Education/Outreach Activities
Describe the events or education/outreach activities you held, attended, or sponsored to raise the awareness of your GHG reduction efforts with your staff, customers and community (e.g., newsletters, brochures, flyers, press releases, advertisements, conferences, expos, website, and/or news coverage.) If applicable, attach copies of relevant materials to this application or e-mail them to: (5 points possible)
Outreach Materials (optional)
More information
  • Files must be less than 10 MB.
  • Allowed file types: doc docx ppt pptx pdf jpg png pub.
7. Leadership in Sustainability
How has your business demonstrated leadership in sustainability and served as a role model to other small businesses? (5 points possible)
8. Environmental Record
Does your business have a clean environmental record (no violations or current pending enforcement action)?
9. Business Standings
Is your business current on all permits, licenses, certificates, and in good standing with all agencies that regulate, permit, or have authority over your business?
I certify that the information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also certify that I have read and agree to the terms outlined in the Small Business Awards Application Instructions and Process.